Introducing the new and improved Ecoal50

CPL has launched the new and innovative Ecoal50, the first fuel of its kind to blend 50% renewable materials with 50% traditional coal. As it manages to do so without compromising on performance, Ecoal50 is fast becoming an essential fuel for any merchant.

Following the success of ecoal across the merchant and commercial trades in winter 2011, CPL has worked hard to continue developing the eco-credentials of this fuel. The new Ecoal50 is priced the same as Homefire but has far superior performance qualities, particularly on multi-fuel stoves.
Key statistics about Ecoal50 include:

  • Made from 50% renewable materials
  • Burns up to 39% hotter than house coal
  • Emits up to 40% less C02 than ordinary coal
  • Generates up to 80% less smoke than normal coal

Ecoal50 has wasted no time in replacing ecoal in the majority of major DIY stores and garage forecourts, as businesses look to take advantage of the increasing demand for eco-friendlier solid fuels.

This must-have new fuel is available to merchants in bulk and pre-pack and in addition national pre-pack bags are also available to merchants. As last year CPL Wholesale will also be offering this product on a sale or return basis allowing merchants to take single pallets of E Coal50 on a trial basis.

Peter Scott, CPL Wholesale Director, added: “Ecoal50 meets the needs of solid fuel customers that are looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives. Manufactured in the same shape as Homefire using 50% renewable materials, Ecoal50 produces outstanding performance and value for money.

Ecoal50 is available to order today and we’re encouraging all merchants to stock this exceptional new fuel.” 

For samples of this revolutionary fuel please contact your local Sales Manager or call the wholesale office on 01246 212 222.

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