Wood Pellets

Clean and environmentally friendlier alternative to fossil fuels
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Take the first step into the renewable energy market with low cost, low carbon wood pellets. Already widely used across Europe, wood pellets are a cost effective fuel which are clean to use and are more environmentally friendlier than traditional fossil fuels.

These ENPlus A1 6mm wood pellets are made from virgin wood and are sourced from sustainable sources across the UK for use in a specifically designed biomass boiler.

The result is a low dust, low C02 emitting wood fuel provides powerful hot water and heating for residential users, public sector organisations and larger industries.

Wood pellets are also eligible for payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive, a Government backed scheme which provides payments for the amount of energy produced via renewable means.

Enquire online today about this type of renewable wood fuel and how you can benefit from making the switch into wood pellets.


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