Supagrill Instant Light Charcoal

Instant Light BBQ Charcoal
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Supagrill Instant Light Charcoal is the easiest way to BBQ this summer. There is no need for firelighters or lighter fluid, as all you have to do is light one of the corners of the bag and let it burn.

Within 20 minutes you will then have a powerful BBQ that is ready to cook food with that unmistakeable BBQ taste. Please remember to let the flames die down before you begin cooking your food.

As the fuel is instant light and all contained within the bag, this is also a clean and safe way to hold a BBQ. No mess or fuss, just great tasting food with your friends and family.

This Instant Light BBQ Charcoal comes with two inner packs, so make sure that you only use one at a time when using your BBQ.

Enquire online today about Supagrill Instant Light Charcoal for an easy lighting, powerful BBQ fuel which cooks your food evenly.


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