Ecoal Instant Light

Instant Light Smokeless Fuel
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Ecoal Instant Light is one of our most popular smokeless fuels, in a handy instant light bag. Designed for use on open fires or multi fuel stoves, Ecoal Instant Light burns for up to three hours, requires no additional kindling or firelighters to light, and is made with up to 50% renewable materials! It generates more heat and burns longer than house coal, whilst emitting up to 80% less smoke and 30% less C02.

Ideal for those busy days when you need a quick fire, or for quickly warming a cold room, simply light the marked corners of your Ecoal 50 Instant Light bag, sit back and enjoy a cleaner, greener, and faster fire which will burn for up to 3 hours. Whether using it on a daily basis or just when you are in a rush, Ecoal is a versatile fuel that can be used on any occasion.

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Suitable For

Open Fire
Open Fire
Multi Fuel Stove

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